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Rainbow Worlds are "worlds whose radiant energies defy all scanners producing a rainbow-like image". When seen from space they appear as yellow. There are 10 of them in the area of space in which Star Control II takes part. Each one is the first planet orbiting a star. When seen from HyperSpace, these stars lie on two lines intersecting at Groombridge.

The Spathi mention a Precursor text refering to what they translated as "10 artificial `waste disposal sites`". Similarly, the Slylandro Joyous Lifting remembers that the "Shaggy Ones" (presumably the Precursors) either discovered or assembled a set of 10 worlds and organised them in some pattern. He describes the location of two such worlds. The Thraddash likewise have discovered ancient text fragments which describe "Precursor Dumps" and state that the "Dumps are in some kind of pattern". It is generally assumed that these are all references to the rainbow worlds.

Rainbow Worlds are rich in radioactives, but more importantly, the Melnorme will give 500 credits for each one you find. You need to orbit the planet for it to be registered. No scan of any kind is required.

Table of Rainbow World locations

WorldStar LocationRefered to by
Beta Pegasi I 39.5, 745.8 Slylandro
Epsilon Lipi I 543.7, 827.0
Groombridge I 996.0, 904.2Slylandro
Beta Leporis I 766.6, 866.6Supox
Epsilon Draconis I283.6, 785.7Thraddash
Gamma Aquarii I 853.4, 879.7
Gamma Reticuli I 741.6, 508.3
Zeta Sextantis I 468.1, 91.6 Tanaka/Katana
Gamma Kepler I 602.0, 297.9
Alpha Andromedae I862.5, 700.0