References to Star Control in other works

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Star Control II is referenced on multiple occasions in later works:

  • There exists a weapon named Wimbli's Trident in Toys for Bob's game The Horde.
  • In the Dark Avatar expansion to Galactic Civilizations II, the Drengin race has split into two factions/subraces: the genocidal Korath (a clear reference to the name Kohr-Ah), which desire the annihilation of all non-Drengin sentience, and the Krynn, which plead for the use of other races as slaves. This situation is extremely reminiscent of the one existing between the two Ur-Quan subraces.
  • Terran Battlecruisers in the game StarCraft look very similar to an Ur-Quan Dreadnought, possessing the "Yamato Gun" ability which closely resembles the Dreadnought's Fusion Blaster. [1]
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