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Star Control II is referenced on multiple occasions in later works:

  • There exists a weapon named Wimbli's Trident in Toys for Bob's game The Horde.
  • In the Dark Avatar expansion to Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords, the Drengin race has split into two factions/subraces: the normal Drengin, which desire the use of other races as slaves, and the genocidal Korath (a clear reference to the name Kohr-Ah), which desire the annihilation of all non-Drengin sentience. This situation is extremely reminiscent of the one existing between the two Ur-Quan subraces. Furthermore, at the beginning of the Dark Avatar campaign, the alliance of good-aligned races has been defeated by the Drengin, and Earth is covered by a giant forcefield, although in this case it was the humans who erected it to protect themselves from the Drengin.
  • The developers of Galactic Civilizations II have also confessed to have drawn their inspiration for the Dread Lords and Arnor races from the Precursors of Star Control II. [1]
  • Terran Battlecruisers in the game StarCraft look very similar to an Ur-Quan Dreadnought, possessing the "Yamato Gun" ability which closely resembles the Dreadnought's Fusion Blaster. [2]
  • It is believed by some (including Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III) that Babylon 5 borrowed some elements from the Star Control Universe.1
  • The creators of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and its sequel, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, have confided that they drew their inspiration for the game from Star Control II.
  • An anti-American/anti-Israeli propaganda mural in the former US embassy in Tehran seems inspired by the cover art for Star Control.[3]
  • The web-game The Kingdom of Loathing has a group of islands shaped like an arrow, pointing to the northwest, but to nothing in particular, as the Rainbow Worlds in Star Control II. On each of these islands a rainbow pearl could be found. Also, once upon a time, an Eluder could be seen from The LAAAAME Observatory.
  • A Supox appeared on the fifth panel of this strip of Erfworld, disguised as a potted plant.
  • The Mass Effect series has plot and gameplay elements that display similarities to Star Control II.
  • The word "PKUNK" in the third panel of this Penny Arcade strip is an homage to Star Control II.
  • The comic strip Bob the Angry Flower did a direct homage to the original Star Control.
  • Star Control has been mentioned as one of the inspirations of the multiplayer space combat browser game Astroflux ([4]).
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1From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<Manta> Fwiffo: Has anyone ever brought up parallels between Babylon 5 and Star Control?
<Fwiffo> Babylon 5 causes a certain amount of stomping around the office screaming.
<Fwiffo> Babylon 5 steals from us. We steal from known space.

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