Riku Nuottajärvi

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Riku Nuottajärvi was one of the original music composers for SC2. He composed the HyperSpace theme as well as the Mycon, Thraddash, Yehat and Commander Hayes themes. It was Riku who had the idea to remix all of the original songs from SC2 for inclusion in The Ur-Quan Masters, and this led to the founding of the Precursors Remixing Team.

Riku comes from Finland.

Riku didn't set out to write music for SC2. The story of how he (and several other composers) got their work into the game is unique. Toys For Bob held a contest, asking for music submissions in the MOD format. Winners would receive a nominal cash prize, but more importantly they would have their music included in the game. Riku won first and second prize with his entries, which TFB designated as the now-familiar themes we all know and love.