Rosy Sphere

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One of a trio of Precursor artifacts whose mystical link to each other has been sensed by Pkunk psychics, given simple names based on their color and shape. Also one of many apparently useless Precursor relics obtained by the Druuge from the Utwig in exchange for the Ultron. The Utwig, using the Ultron's own power, predicted that in this storehouse of unidentifiable, unusable Precursor relics they had accumulated would be hidden the secret of changing and purifying the racial nature of the Druuge, and gave them these relics as a charitable act. The Druuge, angry at being cheated of their truly sought prize, the incredibly powerful Precursor bomb the Utwig had found, proceeded to unload as many of these relics on foolish travelers as they could.

Ironically, one of these relics was a copy of a component of the Ultron itself that became necessary to repair the Ultron after it was damaged by the Utwig High Proctor. The Druuge, not realizing this, placed very little value on the Sphere, and were willing to trade the Sphere to the human Captain Zelnick without even requiring the customary trade in slaves. This allowed him to complete his project of repairing the Ultron and ultimately foiling the Druuge's plans to steal the bomb from the demoralized Utwig by force.

The sphere is relatively small, about 5 centimeters in diameter, translucent and perfectly smooth, possessing the unusual property of being ferromagnetic while completely non-conductive to electric current.