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Saturn as seen from orbit

Saturn is the sixth planet in the Sol system, which can be found at HyperSpace coordinates 175.2 : 145.0. It is a Gas Giant and has several moons. Only Titan is explorable in the game.

Orbit: 9.52 a.u. Mass: 109.7 e.s.
Atmo: Super Thick Radius: 9.45 e.s.
Temp: -197 C Gravity: 1.22 g.
Weather: Class 8 Day: 0.42 days
Tectonics: None Tilt: 27

Saturn, the Great Ringed World, as it is sometimes called, is a member of the Outer Planets of the solar system. While each speck of dust in its rings could technically be considered a moon, it is listed as having 18 official moons by astonomers.