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'''The Second War''' occurs twenty years after the [[First War]] pitting the [[New Alliance of Free Stars]] against an even more powerful (but distracted) [[Ur-Quan Hierarchy]].
'''The Second War''' is a non-canonical term referring to the events of [[Star Control II]].
The Hierarchy appears to have won.  The old Alliance is in ruins. [[Yehat|Only one member]] isn't [[slave shield]]ed or destroyed, and they became [[Battle Thralls]]. It is a dark time for our region of space, but on a small planet in the [[Vela]] system named [[Unzervalt]] by its inhabitants, a secret weapon which may very well turn back the successes of [[The Ur-Quan Masters]] has been found.
:''See also:'' [[Canon]]
[[The Captain]] commands his [[The Flagship|Flagship]] across the stars to win back freedom for all sentient life.
[[Category:Historical events]]
[[Category:Historical events]]

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The Second War is a non-canonical term referring to the events of Star Control II.

See also: Canon