Sentient Milieu

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The Sentient Milieu was an association of starfaring races that existed 25000 years ago. It was formed over several thousand years to "mutually enrich their respective cultures, to provide a safe creche for emerging sentient species and to afford themselves a degree of protection from external hostilities via military alliance.", as the Melnorme put it.

The seven major members of the Sentient Milieu were

  • the Drall, one of the four founding members
  • the Faz, joining about 2000 years ago
  • the Mael-Num, one of the four founding members
  • the Taalo
  • the Ur-Quan (still one race at that time), joining as the last of the major races
  • the Yuli
  • the Yuptar

The Milieu may have incorporated other races, as the Melnorme refer to the "seven most active Milieu members", but they are unlikely to have played a big role. The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za refer to the "six races of the Sentient Milieu" and the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah plainly refer to "all six of the other races in the milieu". There are no other references to other Milieu members.