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Serge van den Boom is a member of the The Ur-Quan Masters core team and administrator of the The Ur-Quan Masters project's Bugzilla installation (where he is also the default assignee for bugs related to building the UQM source on non-Windows OS-es, content, gameplay and netplay), of the The Ur-Quan Masters Forum, and of the Ultronomicon. He uses the nickname "Meep-Eep" (sometimes spelled meep-eep) on the forum, on the The Ur-Quan Masters-related IRC channels and on the Star Control Discussion Board. The SCDB is also where he got into the UQM project, due to a post by Chris Nelson requesting help for reverse-engineering certain 3DO file formats.

On the Ultronomicon, he uses the username Svdb, the initials of his name.

He and Michael Chapman Martin have been interviewed by on 11th of August, 2005 on the subject of The Ur-Quan Masters, at the time in version 0.4.0.

He uses Linux as his main operating system.