Shattered World

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A Shattered World is what remains of a Water World after it has been assaulted by a Mycon Deep Child — a shattered, thin crust floating on top of a highly unstable ball of magma, and the Deep Child in between, though it is not certain if it continues to live or dies after the shattering. These planets usually feature insanely high amounts of precious metals such as gold and large amounts of radioactive materials. Usually, an impact point, which appears as a volcanic fumarole, can be found somewhere along its wracked surface — the exceptions being Beta Brahe I and Epsilon Scorpii I. It is near one of these impact points that the planetary exploration crew of The Flagship can find the ominous Mycon Deep Child Egg Case Fragments.

Shattered Worlds have, invariably, no atmosphere, extremely strong seismic activity and a temperature of 100 centigrades (except Syra, which has 7 centigrades), their gravity, dimensions, mass and orbit being those of a Water World.

Known Shattered Worlds include:

  • Beta Copernicus I (600.8 : 263.1) - original Syreen homeworld, Syra
  • Gamma Brahe I (635.4 : 272.9)
  • Gamma Scorpii I (647.9 : 206.2)
  • Beta Brahe I (639.5 : 231.2) - location of the Sun Device
  • Epsilon Scorpii I (629.1 : 220.8) - Mycon homeworld