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Tanaka, last of the Shofixti
Homeworld: None, formerly Delta Gorno I
Coordinates: 290.8 : 026.9
Member of: The New Alliance of Free Stars
Ship: Scout

The Shofixti are a marsupial race of honorable mammals whose homeworld, called Kyabetsu, was at Delta Gorno I. They somewhat resemble antropomorphic raccoons, which has lead the Humans to view them as "Cute"; something which puzzles other races and angers the Shofixti.

The Shofixti were elevated to the stars by the Yehat who traditionally have taken the role of an adoptive guardian over the Shofixti. Before the Yehat discovered them, the Shofixti had a feudal culture that had an uncanny resemblance to that of Earth's medieval Japan.

Shofixti are typically brown in color but can vary. They have extremely short gestation rates, and can reproduce rapidly and age into adulthood within a few months. During the war, the Shofixti provided the backbone for personnel. Even during the bleakest periods of the war, the Shofixti always provided enough crew to keep the starships of the Alliance of Free Stars full.

During the later stages of the war, their Scout ships provided much of the recon for the alliance. After the conquest of the Humans, the Shofixti and Yehat forces withdrew to the Gorno stars but did not permit the Syreen to follow. As the Ur-Quan Dreadnought force bore down upon Delta Gorno, The Yehat Queen suddenly ordered a withdrawal of every Terminator back to the Serpentis stars. The Shofixti ships were no match for the Ur-Quan fleet. When the last of their ships had been destroyed and the Ur-Quan fleet began to advance in system, the Shofixti in a final act of courage and defiance used a Precursor bomb device to open a hole on the surface of their sun to cause a mini-supernova that destroyed everything in the inner system of Delta Gorno, including a third of the combined Ur-Quan fleet.