Shofixti Maidens

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The last surviving female members of their race after the Shofixti's heroic self-destruction in the First War, they are a group of sixteen adolescent Shofixti captured by Admiral ZEX of the VUX during the war. These young beauties were kept unresisting, compliant, and preserved forever young despite them by freezing them in cryogenic suspension; ZEX kept them as part of his menagerie of strange, bizarre and dangerous creatures, both sentient and nonsentient. When Captain Zelnick approached ZEX asking to trade for the Shofixti Maidens, ZEX first asked the captain to retrieve the Beast of Linch-Nas-Ploh, then reneged and demanded that Zelnick and his human crew join him in his menagerie, as his primary obsession with the grotesque had always centered on humans. ZEX's gambit failed, as after Zelnick had delivered the Beast ZEX's crew proved incapable of controlling it, leading to his menagerie's destruction. Zelnick was thus able to recover the Maidens and offer them as mates to Shofixti survivor Tanaka; Tanaka and his wives then began the process of repopulating the Shofixti species.