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The Slylandro Speakers
Homeworld: Beta Corvi IV
Coordinates: 33.3 : 981.2
Member of: None
Ship: Probe

The Slylandro are the only race known to live on a Gas Giant, which they call Source. They cannot travel through space due to their physiology, though they have bought a self replicating Probe (Catalog Item 2418-B) from the Melnorme to explore space for them and report back to them. The Slylandro have had contact with the Precursors, the original Ur-Quan and the Sentient Milieu.

They are essentially sentient bags of gas that float through their homeworld's atmosphere. Their bodies are incredibly fragile. Because their world is devoid of non-gaseous materials they have no native construction, technology or written records. Their vision is in a range that is different from most races and it is to their great dismay when they realize that they are transparent to human vision.

The Slylandro have very long lifespans. Content to Hover, a Slylandro speaker, claims to have been a nymph when the original Ur-Quan visited their homeworld more than 20,000 years ago.

The current Slylandro speakers are Content to Hover, Joyous Lifting and Sullen Plummet