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The '''Slylandro Timekeeping''' system is based entirely on a single natural phenomenon, the rotation period of their homeworld, [[Source]]. Since the [[Slylandro]] lack any form physical technology, this method of keeping time has persisted throughout the history of their race.
#REDIRECT [[Source]]
The principle unit of time in this system is the Drahn, equivalent to four million rotations of their home planet. A Drahn is sub-divided into two thousand Drahnasa. For even smaller periods of time, the Slylandro simply use the rotations of their homeworld as a unit of time. The following is an approximate conversion factors between Slylandro and Human units of time:
*1 rotation = 14.2 earth hours ≈ 0.592 earth days
*1 Dranhasa ≈ 1180 earth days ≈ 3.24 earth years
*1 Drahn ≈ 2370000 earth days ≈ 6480 earth years
In discussions with the Slylandro, they consistently make reference to events using these units of time. When converted to conventional units of time, the timing of these events corresponds fairly well with known historical findings. The following table lists these events with the Slylandro time and corresponding [[Human]] time:
{|border=1 cellpadding=2
!Slylandro Time
!Human Time
|a few 100 rotations
|a few 59.2 days
|time between visits of the [[Melnorme]] and [[The Captain]]
|500 rotations
|296 days
|mission duration of Slylandro [[Probe]]s
|1 Drahnasa
|3.24 years
|time within which all The Captain's visits occur
|half a Drahn
|3240 years
|length of time over which the Slylandro had contact with the [[Sentient Milieu]]
|3 Drahn ago
|19400 years
|regular visits from the [[Ur-Quan]] during the Sentient Milieu era
|3-4 Drahn
|19400-25900 years
|estimated lifespan of a Slylandro
|39 Drahn ago
|253000 years
|last visit from the 'shaggy giants' (the [[Precursors]])
|41 Drahn ago
|266000 years
|first contact from the 'shaggy giants'
|many 1000's of Drahn
|many 6480000 years
|historical extent of Slylandro species
''Information about Source's rotation period and historical events was originally presented by [[User:Svdb|SvdB]] in this'' [http://uqm.stack.nl/forum/index.php?topic=1169.0] ''forum thread.''

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