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Fwiffo, a Spathi Eluder Captain
Homeworld: Epsilon Gruis (Spathiwa)
Coordinates: 241.6 : 368.7
Member of: Ur-Quan Hierarchy (battle thrall),
New Alliance of Free Stars (optional)
Ship: Eluder


The Spathi are a cowardly race of "meta-mollusks." They have a colorful exoskeleton, a single jiggling eye, and jointed pinching claws, possessing the best qualities of both the clam and the dravatz. As a race, the Spathi are absolute cowards and paranoid. They live in constant fear of an undetectable phantom called the Ultimate Evil, which the Spathi are convinced lives just beyond the reaches of their most powerful long-range sensors.

The Spathi evolved on the lone planet Epsilon Gruis I (their name for the star is Yuffo and the planet, Spathiwa). Recently, their home planet has been beleaguered by a race of ravenous creatures called the Evil Ones who enjoy eating Spathi, prompting the entire Spathi race to take refuge on Spathiwa's moon.

Hierarchy Status

When the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za subjugated the Spathi, they offered them the same choice given to each race, as dictated by the Path of Now and Forever: be a fallow slave or battle thrall. The Spathi actually chose to be fallow slaves, being rather fond of the idea of being forever protected by an impenetrable Slave Shield. However, the Ur-Quan's Umgah servant who was to notify the Ur-Quan of the Spathi's choice mischeviously reported to the Ur-Quan that the Spathi had chosen to be battle thralls.


The Spathi have a traditional daily prayer which reflects their general attitude towards life: "..Oh God... please don't let me die today! Tomorrow would be so much better!"

The Spathi also have a pre-death ceremony, the ritual of Wezzy-Wezzah. The completion of this short ritual ensures a place in their secure afterlife. A noted attribute of the Spathi's afterworld is the absence of immortal, devouring monsters. However, the ritual of Wezzy-Wezzah is invalid unless performed on the moon of Spathiwa.


The Spathi pilot the very nimble Eluder-class ships.

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