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Original Spathi Homeworld
Orbit: 11.5 a.u. Mass: 1.75 e.s.
Atmo: 1.96 atm Radius: 1.20 e.s.
Temp: 31° c Gravity: 1.21 g.
Weather: Class 1 Day: 0.75 days
Tectonics: Class 1 Tilt: 14°
Water World
1 satellite (Pellucid World)

Spathiwa is the Spathi name for their homeworld. Also known as Epsilon Gruis I, it is the only planet that orbits the star Epsilon Gruis (or Yuffo as the Spathi call it). A single moon orbits the planet.

The Spathi race evolved on this Water World, in time forming a nascent, sedentary civilization. At least four centuries prior to the Ur-Quan Slave War events, the voracious Evil Ones suddenly appeared on Spathiwa, transported to the surface by some unknown force, an act which would fit the style of Umgah practical jokes. Ultimately, after more than a century of migrating from continent to continent to escape this alien threat, the Spathi departed from the planet completely and settled on their moon. Should The Captain rid Spathiwa of the Evil One threat, the Spathi will return to their homeworld and eventually set up a slave shield around the planet.