Sullen Plummet

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Sullen Plummet is the name of a female Slylandro associate of Content to Hover who met with The Captain during the events of Star Control II. When The Captain questions the Slylandro about the Precursors, she remembers that the last time the Shaggy Ones visited Source, they came aboard a great circular starship. Whether this means she was actually present at this event or simply remembers that part of the history chants better is uncertain, but the Slylandro method of marking time suggests that the Slylandro lifespan is too short to permit her to have seen the Precursors face to face. She's rather shy, according to Content to Hover, who seems to be attracted to her. When asked about her "glowy bits" (which are used for reproduction) by The Captain, she loses her ballast from sheer embarrassment.