Super-Melee demonstration videos

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This page shows some basic Super Melee techniques as well as how to handle some difficult matchups against the computer.


Leyland Gravity Whip

To do.

Escaping a Chmmr Avatar's tractor beam

The basic trick here is not to trust directly away from the Avatar, but rather trust at a 90 degrees angle to it. See Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Mycon Podship

Difficult matchups

This section shows matchups against an "Awesome" computer opponent.

Defeating a Shofixti Scout with an Arilou Skiff

Link: Media:Arilou_Skiff_defeats_Shofixti_Scout.avi

Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Mycon Podship

Link: Media:Mycon_Podship_defeats_Chmmr_Avatar.avi

Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Spathi Eluder

Link: Media:Spathi_Eluder_defeats_Chmmr_Avatar.avi

Defeating a Chmmr Avatar with a Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger

Link: Media:Zoq-Fot-Pik_Stinger_defeats_Chmmr_Avatar.avi