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Revision as of 10:39, 4 September 2004 by (talk) (The Taalo are rock-line Sentient Milieu members who were the Ur-Quans only friends. They are now assumed extinct. There may be artifacts remaining from them.)
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The Taalo are a race of rock like beings, which, although sharing a base of silocon with the Chenjesu, are very little reminiscent of them. The Taalo were the first sentient race to encounter the Ur-Quan, and enlisted them into the Sentient Milieu. They were the only race that did not invoke the Ur-Quan's inherent territoriality, and the two species became close friends. They were immune to the Dnyarri Psi powers, so the Dnyarri forced the Ur-Quan to destroy them. For a long time, the Taalo were thought to be extinct, however, speculation has some believe that the Taalo live. They were the only race of the Sentient Milieu (that we know of) that lived in the SC2 starmap's area. The Taalo, being rocks themselves, built to last, and some of their artifacts remain today, thought to be around Orz space.