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This is the planetary data as stored in the source code.

Name Type1 Color2 Tectonics Density/Atmosphere Materials
Acid Small, Cratered Green Low Normal, Light Sulfuric Acid (Heavy), Hydrochloric Acid (Heavy), Formic Acid (Heavy), Hydrocyanic Acid (Heavy), Phosphoric Acid (Heavy), Nitric Acid (Heavy)
Alkali Small, Cratered Green Low Normal, Medium Calcium (Medium), Barium (Medium), Strontium (Medium)
Auric Small, Topo Yellow No High, Medium Gold (Huge), Gold (Huge), Gold (Huge)
Azure Small, Cratered Blue Med Low, Medium Indium (Light), Molybdenum (Light), Vanadium (Light)
Carbide Small, Cratered Red Low Normal, Light Carbon (Heavy), Carbon (Heavy), Carbon (Heavy)
Chlorine Large, Cratered Green High Normal, Light Chlorine (Heavy), Chlorine (Heavy), Hydrochloric Acid (Heavy), Hydrochloric Acid (Heavy), Zinc (Light), Gallium (Trace)
Chondrite Small, Cratered Purple High Normal, Nothing Ethanol (Heavy), Free Radicals (Heavy)
Cimmerian Small, Topo Red Low High, Nothing Methane (Medium), Ammonia (Medium), Methanol (Medium), Lithium (Medium)
Copper Small, Topo Green No High, Medium Copper (Huge), Copper (Huge)
Cracked (AKA Shattered) Large, Cratered Orange Super Normal, Nothing Palladium (Huge), Iridium (Huge), Technetium (Huge), Polonium (Huge), Sodium (Huge), Manganese (Huge), Chromium (Huge)
Crimson Small, Cratered Red No Normal, Heavy Barium (Light), Boron (Light), Beryllium (Light), Bismuth (Light), Bromine (Light)
Cyanic Small, Topo Green No Light, Light Cyanoacetylene (Huge)
Dust Small, Cratered Red Low Low, Medium Bismuth (Light), Aluminum (Light), Potassium (Light)
Emerald Large, Topo Green No Low, Nothing Aguuti Nodules (Huge), Antimatter (Medium)
Fluorescent Large, Cratered Violet Low High, Light Technetium (Huge), Neon (Huge), Radon (Light), Potassium (Light)
Gas Giant Gas Giant Various No Super, Super Thick N/A
Green Small, Cratered Green Med Normal, Heavy Praseodymium (Heavy), Neodymium (Heavy)
Halide Small, Cratered Green No Low, Light Fluorine (Medium), Bromine (Medium), Bromine (Medium), Astatine (Medium), Iodine (Medium)
Hydrocarbon Large, Topo Blue Low Normal, Light Hydrocarbons (Huge), Bismuth (Light), Tantalum (Trace)
Infrared Small, Cratered Red Low Normal, Heavy Mercury (Heavy)
Iodine Large, Cratered Green Med Low, Medium Iodine (Heavy), Magnesium (Light), Tungsten (Trace)
Lanthanide Small, Cratered Yellow High High, Light Lanthanum (Medium), Cerium (Medium), Praseodymium (Medium), Neodymium (Medium), Promethium (Medium), Samarium (Medium), Gadolinium (Medium), Terbium (Medium)
Magma Large, Topo Red Super High, Light Lead (Light), Nickel (Light), Iron (Light)
Magnetic Large, Cratered Green High High, Nothing Zinc (Heavy), Nickel (Medium), Magnetic Monopoles (Trace), Niobium (Light), Iron (Heavy)
Maroon Large, Cratered Red No Low, Medium Cesium (Medium), Silicon (Medium), Phosphorus (Medium), Rhodium (Medium), Cadmium (Medium)
Metal Small, Cratered Orange Low High, Heavy Iron (Huge), Nickel (Heavy), Vanadium (Medium), Silver (Medium), Uranium (Heavy), Sulfur (Medium), Copper (Heavy)
Noble Small, Cratered Blue No Light, Light Neon (Light), Radon (Light), Argon (Light), Krypton (Light), Xenon (Light), Helium (Light)
Oolite Small, Cratered Violet Low High, Heavy Holmium (Medium), Erbium (Medium), Thulium (Medium), Ytterbium (Medium), Lutetium (Medium), Palladium (Medium), Silver (Medium), Iridium (Medium)
Opalescent Small, Cratered Cyan Low Low, Nothing Samarium (Light), Gadolinium (Light), Argon (Light), Lithium (Light), Silicon (Light), Arsenic (Light)
Organic Large, Topo Cyan Med Normal, Light Free Radicals (Heavy), Formaldehyde (Heavy), Carbon (Heavy), Carbon Dioxide (Heavy)
Pellucid Small, Cratered Purple No Low, Light Tzo Crystals (Trace)
Plutonic Large, Cratered Yellow Low High, Heavy Beryllium (Huge), Boron (Huge), Lanthanum (Medium), Astatine (Medium), Francium (Medium), Titanium (Light), Cerium (Medium)
Primordial Large, Cratered Green Super Normal, Heavy Cesium (Medium), Barium (Medium), Rubidium (Medium), Methane (Huge), Ammonia (Huge)
Purple Small, Cratered Purple Low Low, Light Rhenium (Medium), Cadmium (Medium)
Quasidegenerate Small, Topo Green Med High, Nothing Degenerate Matter (Medium)
Radioactive Small, Cratered Orange No Super, Light Astatine (Medium), Francium (Medium), Radium (Medium), Actinium (Medium), Thorium (Medium), Protactinium (Medium)
Rainbow Large, Topo Yellow No Low, Light Actinium (Heavy), Thorium (Heavy), Protactinium (Heavy), Neptunium (Heavy), Plutonium (Heavy), Ozone (Huge), Ozone (Huge)
Redux Large, Cratered Green Low Normal, Light Bromine (Medium), Oxygen (Medium), Fluorine (Medium), Sulfur (Medium), Chlorine (Medium), Iodine (Medium), Zirconium (Light)
Ruby Large, Topo Red No Low, Light Tzo Crystals (Huge), Neutronium (Medium)
Sapphire Large, Topo Cyan No Low, Nothing Reisburg Helices (Huge), Rt Super Fluid (Medium)
Selenic Small, Cratered White No Low, Light Iron (Light), Aluminum (Light), Calcium (Medium)
Superdense Small, Topo Purple High Super, Heavy Lead (Medium), Osmium (Medium)
Telluric Large, Cratered Blue Low Normal, Heavy Iridium (Medium), Ruthenium (Medium), Thallium (Medium)
Treasure Small, Topo Yellow No Super, Light Palladium (Heavy), Silver (Heavy), Silver (Heavy), Iridium (Heavy), Gold (Heavy), Platinum (Heavy)
Ultramarine Small, Cratered Blue No Light, Heavy Krypton (Medium), Cobalt (Medium), Holmium (Medium)
Ultraviolet Large, Cratered Violet Med High, Heavy Polonium (Huge), Gold (Huge), Phosphorus (Huge), Scandium (Medium)
Urea Small, Cratered Yellow High Low, Heavy Ammonia (Light), Formaldehyde (Medium)
Vinylogous Large, Cratered Purple Low Normal, Nothing Titanium (Light), Arsenic (Light), Potassium (Light), Rhenium (Light)
Water Large, Cratered Blue Low Normal, Medium Iron (Light), Aluminum (Light), Tin (Light), Lead (Light), Uranium (Trace), Molybdenum (Trace)
Xenolithic Large, Cratered Cyan Low Normal, Medium Aluminum (Huge), Platinum (Light), Germanium (Trace)
Yttric Small, Cratered Violet Low High, Medium Ytterbium (Huge), Yttrium (Huge)

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Notes and references

1Size affects the sprite used to represent the planet in interplanetary mode and the number of satellites. Small worlds are either moons or planets without any moons. Large worlds have a 193/256 chance of having no moons, a 51/256 chance of having a single moon, and a 12/256 chance of having two moons. Gas Giants have a 27/256 chance of having no moons, a 38/256 chance of having a single moon, a 64/256 chance of having two moons, a 64/256 chance of having three moons, and a 63/256 chance of having four moons. Whether the planet is Topo or Cratered affects the way its surface map is generated.
2As seen from space.