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If "they" are the Orz, why are the Arilou worried about "them" finding human-kind? I mean, obviously the Orz have already been made aware of humans, and yet at no point do we return to the starbase to find everybody mysteriously eaten. I think the Arilou and Orz are natives of QuasiSpace, and "they" are at least one more dimension "up" the ladder.

First, Orz are not natives of QuasiSpace. The mention themselves that the Arilou ore from *above*, and the Orz are from *below*. I figure this to mean that their dimension is either in between HyperSpace and TrueSpace, or "below" TrueSpace.

Also, do the Arilou really use "smell" without asterisks? I thought they used it for *time*, *nngn*, and *smell*, kind of like the Orz do with almost everything.

The Arilou use *time(s)* and *Nnngn*, but not *smell*. The relevant Arilou quote is:
No. In a way, ignorance is your armor, your best protection. They cannot see you now. They cannot smell you. Much of our work with your people involved making you invisible... changing your smell. If I tell you more, you will look where you could never look before and while you are looking you can and will be seen. You do not want to be seen.
You can actually find all the dialog files in the zipped uqm-content file, in the comm folder I believe. Or just look here for the old PC dialog. --Fyzixfighter 23:45, 14 March 2007 (CET)