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Ptx: In response to your request for comments on your layout.

It's a good start, but I do have some comments. Also note that in wiki style, these things tend to evolve. It doesn't have to be perfect from the start.

I'm not sure whether it is necessary to include the license on this page, as it should be visible when they click on link to the media file itself anyhow. Also, with "BY-NC-SA 2.5" "Creative Commons" should be mentioned. Wikipedia has a whole list of copyright templates for marking media. We could really use a few of those ourselves here.

Also, for an overview page like this, including the exact time for the media is not very useful. We really need the space too, if we want to include a decent-sized picture and a description of more than a few words.

You added requirements for the filenames to the top of the article. I can imagine that these would be useful, but I'm wondering whether we should really try to regulate this this much. As long as it is a descriptive and identifying name, I would be happy. If the filename is "", that's all we need to know, really. The time of upload is irrelevant, and whether it's a ship, actor, space debris, limpet, bullet, marine, planet, or whatever, should be pretty clear from the description anyhow. We can group them by kind on the page.

And we may want to link to external sources as well, for instance when we don't have the rights to redistribute the files here. You can't control the filename or the way it is packaged at all in that case.

And FYI, *nix has always handled spaces in filenames just fine (unlike Windows).

You are refering to "templates" in your descriptions; it would make sense to use actual MediaWiki Templates for this.

SvdB 01:59, 8 December 2007 (CET)