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New to wiki editing and this was my first attempt at a page. Have just found a discussion while digging around related to individual planet pages, and it seems that they were intentionally removed and converted to the single page listing in the past. Based on this, I would assume, my changes may not be desirable and thus I shall make no more for the moment until additional guidance is received.

I am currently working on a series of planet art pieces for SC2 and was surprised that more details on the world types did not exist. My overall aim would be to continue as per this acid world page, improving on the details offered with regards to resources etc and also a listing of known worlds (and possibly their core stats). As I am anyway producing art work for my own project I'd thought to add them here as well.

If nothing else, the list of planet types page could use some serious sprucing up as it provides little useful data. Perhaps some additional detailing and imagery can be added in place of individual planet pages.

My inclination is that if you can flesh out individual pages on these with enough non-trivial content, it might be fine. Make the best case you can for it with this page? Any planet art pieces you include should be clearly identified as fan-made (as on the ship pages with VileRancour's art). Before creating a lot of new pages, maybe wait for a bit and see whether anyone else has an opinion. Cheers --Zeracles (talk) 09:05, 29 March 2016 (CEST)
Thank you for the feedback. I have continued adding to the acid world page improving the core data available in the info bar now that I have extracted data from the planets database. Finding the database has also allowed for a full set of data to be provided for all Acid worlds, though I have for the moment restricted it to only the stats shows when entering orbit and a life indicator. Need to decide if this should show only the orbital information (and thus not really much of a spoiler) or if additional details should be shown such as the current bio units. Have not added all worlds yet as I can't figure out how to calculate the Mass.
I believe this now gives considerable information for a world type and justifies a separate page; it is certainly information that would have been useful to me beginning my project. None the less, I shall await additional feedback from those who have been here long before I before proceeding to any large degree. I may add 1 or 2 more world types just for further demonstration. --Tristavius (talk) 09:48, 30 March 2016 (GMT+4)
I'm on the fence for the most part, slightly leaning towards maintaining the status quo. I'm assuming you are referring to the discussion at Talk:List of planet types. While I lean towards the status quo, I'd like to see what you had in mind. Note that the few exceptions to the status quo, such as Rainbow World and Shattered World, are unique enough that the information about them cannot easily be captured in other pages like Table of planet types, List of mineral types, and List of planet types. If the intent is to gather a lot of information that is currently spread out over these different pages, I would ask why is a separate page better than expanding the entries on List of planet types? I'd A few points of feedback:
  1. I'm generally against fan-made artwork on the wiki. VileRancour/RingWraith's images are an exception, largely because they filled a void in the game canon and they were well-known enough in the SC community that VR was not the one suggesting their inclusion. The discussion at Talk:List of ships#Decorating the ship pages has a few suggested guidelines and thoughts.
  2. I'd prefer a "Notable known examples" rather than a "Known worlds" section. There's too much chance of bloat with the latter. "Notable" would include homeworlds and other named worlds (which otherwise the player couldn't see), location of artifacts and other game elements, and major sources of resources/life forms.
  3. For the "Known worlds" section, I think I favor including the relevant stats (Temperature, Weather, Tectonics, Gravity, Life), but that's more motivated by wanting the list/table to be game-play practical (do I want to go land there) but I can see the argument wanting the list to be generally informative and therefore include everything.
  4. The "Resources" table in this example seems odd to me. I never like tables where only one column shows any variation. I want to say there is a better way to do this that can also accommodate the more varied planet types, but I don't see it yet...
  5. I like the planet type info box. If you are wanting to do other planet type pages, can I suggest you start with Rainbow World and Shattered World. IMO both could benefit from an infobox like this We could then decouple the design concerns from the notability concern of whether or not each type needs a separate page.
Again, I'm interested to see what can be done and what others think. Welcome to the project! --Fyzixfighter (talk) 16:21, 30 March 2016 (CEST)
Again, thanks for the feedback. Having tried a full planet page, I admit that padding it out to make it fully worthwhile ends up including a lot of details which would be better just remaining in other sheets or files, such as the data for each world. Anyone who actually needs that level of information is probably better served with the CSV files anyway. On top of this, the workload for actually collating and formatting all that for 50+ worlds is maybe just too large an endeavor for the usefulness factor gained.
What I would now propose in place would be an upgrade to the current system with worlds remaining on one master page. I'm thinking probably a template similar to those used at the bottom of a ship's page which would provide similar information to the right hand bar I produced in this iteration. At the end of the day, it's the information there that is really the useful day-to-day data. The page would become a series of these templates providing the useful information and pictures.
I also take the point about fan art; at the moment I have about 12 worlds at the 'rough draft' stage and everything is likely months away from ready anyway... once all are complete I may offer things here again and let everyone decide.
I will endeavor to produce the above mentioned template over the weekend and update the acid world entry on the List of Planet Types page for review and further discussion. I will leave the new infobox in place as as mentioned, it may be useful for the few world types which do warrant an individual page. I will leave this acid world page up for the moment pending further discussion and agreement on how to proceed once the alternative template has been produced.
Cheers! --Tristavius (talk) 09:05, 31 March 2016 (GMT+4)
Update: I have now completed a basic table structure and added the Acid World to the List of planet types page for review.
Any further feedback RE the new templates on List of planet types? I have now completed 5 as examples. I can't see this being a particularly controversial change as it moves the section from extremely low information to rather high information while preserving the single page style which people preferred; will continue to convert the rest of the page unless objections are raised in the next day or two. Will remove this single Acid World page in the near future also, but will keep the Template:PlanetType infobox for use on Rainbow, Shattered etc.
--Tristavius (talk) 09:34, 04 April 2016 (GMT+4)