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I wonder what the Druuge would have said about this colonization project? Algol star is in their sphere of influence. --Dingus 04:41, 27 Sep 2004 (CEST)

There's actually been a discussion about this here. -- SvdB 02:09, 29 Sep 2004 (CEST)

I would disagree that "the Melnorme, presumably, learned this story during their association with the Spathi somehow." The Melnorme have a thousand secret sources of information throughout the galaxy! They don't need to talk to the Spathi see what is happening to the Spathi. They knew "all about" Captain Zelnick and the plan for revolt against the Ur-Quan before they even made formal contact with Humans.

Similarly, what evidence is there that the Melnorme didn't know the Algolites 'true name', or couldn't tell the captain for some reason? Here are other, equally plausible scenarios:

  • Algolites refers to all the species living on Algol IV. Naming the possibly several thousand species individually would take a long time.
  • Algolites is one species, but the Melnorme call them the Algolites to make the story simpler (the name of the species is unimportant to the story, so why bother Captain Zelnick with that info?)
  • And my favorite: Algolites is one species, but the Melnorme aren't just going to tell you their true name for free, you know!!

--Jacius 01:36, 1 Nov 2004 (CET)

The latter scenario, at least, is actually mentioned in the article. I would argue it's a weak explanation, since there's no particular reason why the name of the race should be a more valuable piece of info than the whole story about them. (BTW, this "the Melnorme never *ever* give away information" seems to be something the Melnorme want you to think but isn't entirely true -- the Melnorme seem to love to give away driblets of information when it suits them.) Your second explanation is inconsistent -- the Melnorme mention the Keel-Verezy and Dramya's names, after all. The first explanation is possible, but unlikely, since they refer to the Algolites' "regret" implying that the Algolites are a sentient species, and planets with multiple sentient species seem rare (at least rare enough that the Zoq-Fot-Pik are remarkable for it).
After so many years, I have to disagree: it is very possible that "Algolites" is the name given to the totality of non-sentient species native to the planet - there are no ruins there, so the Algolites had to be very primitive or even non-sentient (don't argue with Mycon, they're rare, and, moreover, not evolved naturally). The "regret" argument doesn't work, since it's rather a metaphor; after all, dead people don't have regrets either.