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The Orz may be *manifestations* of a single super-being, if Orzese is interpreted correctly, but nonetheless the Orz as they appear to us are a race of biological individuals (little fish-guys in robot suits), and that initial impression, which is all we know for absolutely certain, is what should go here. Speculation on the true, essential nature of the Orz should go in their own article.

This article is great

It also happens to be the biggest one on the site right now (Special:Longpages). I find myself wondering if it should be broken up into smaller pieces, such as a separate article on the 2085 slave revolt, for instance. It's difficult because there is so much to say, but if the people who have been working on it continue to do as good a job, I'm not worried at all. :) Mmrnmhrm 17:33, 19 Oct 2004 (CEST)