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"a single Dnyarri could psychically control an entire planet" In fact a single dnyarri can control a much larger radius, one the size of umgah controlled space a fact demenstrated by the fact that any Umgah you meet before dealing with the talkign pet are under its direct control. regardless of their position in hyperspace

One has to remember that we do not know how similar the neo-Dynarri (which took over the Umgah) is to its Dnyarri ancestors. Concerning the original Dnyarri's powers, the RPRG states, "With these powers, a single Dnyarri can hold an entire planet enthralled." It's possible that the Umgah modifications might have boosted the neo-Dnyarri's psychic capabilities. But lacking any definitive knowledge, IMO it's best to state what we do know. I don't know if that satisfies your question, but that's the reasoning behind the statement as I understand it. --Fyzixfighter 03:54, 25 August 2007 (CEST)