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I don't have the energy to edit this, but to say that the Druuge have absolutely no conception of love or honor or loyalty is going a bit far -- they do seem to have such concepts in their culture, just distorted by their general distrust of altruism. There is a great deal of stuff in the game about the Druuge's early history and the details of their culture that could go here.

That can very well be. I just made a quick report based on my view of the Druuge. There may well be compassionate druuge just as there are VUX who are not disgusted by humans. Alien Races do usually consist of different inviduals, like mankind. At least that's my view.

However I imagine these individuals have a very hard time in the general druuge society. They might be attented to furnace duty as soon as "the cat's out of the bag". Druuge themselves said that they acknowledge their greed and retchedness and revel in it.

You're welcomed to do a more deep report on the Druuge. I can't cause my general skills in english limit me.

--Dingus 14:55, 16 Oct 2004 (CEST)

I just wnated to share one opinion, not related to the article in anyway.

I think the Druuge represent a nightmarish vision of mankind in some possible future, if the big corporations would take over this world. It is a warning of what we may become.