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I don't have the energy to edit this, but to say that the Druuge have absolutely no conception of love or honor or loyalty is going a bit far -- they do seem to have such concepts in their culture, just distorted by their general distrust of altruism. There is a great deal of stuff in the game about the Druuge's early history and the details of their culture that could go here.

That can very well be. I just made a quick report based on my view of the Druuge. There may well be compassionate druuge just as there are VUX who are not disgusted by humans. Alien Races do usually consist of different inviduals, like mankind. At least that's my view.

However I imagine these individuals have a very hard time in the general druuge society. They might be attented to furnace duty as soon as "the cat's out of the bag". Druuge themselves said that they acknowledge their greed and retchedness and revel in it.

You're welcomed to do a more deep report on the Druuge. I can't cause my general skills in english limit me.

--Dingus 14:55, 16 Oct 2004 (CEST)

I just wnated to share one opinion, not related to the article in anyway.

I think the Druuge represent a nightmarish vision of mankind in some possible future, if the big corporations would take over this world. It is a warning of what we may become.

<_Stilgar> <MusicSK> Q: Do the Druuge in any way represent TSR/Accolade?
<Fwiffo> The Druuge are the worst aspects of my negotiations with TSR and EA. The Druuge are also somewhere inside me too.
-- SvdB 15:09, 4 Nov 2004 (CET)


The druuge say that they encountered the Kohr Ah but came up with a "brilliant plan" that thrawrted the attack. Is this a hint that the druuge goaded them into starting the doctrinal conflict? It makes sense when you consider that being neither a fallow slave, nor a battle thrall species would interest the druuge and thusly they might feel they were getting rid of 2 problems.

Actually it's more likely a reference to them (the Druuge) tricking the Kohr-Ah into attacking the Burvixese. According to the Melnorme:
"The Druuge were largely responsible for the Kohr-Ah's finding the Burvixese. You see, the Burvixese were in long-distance HyperWave contact with a race known simply as the Gg. For decades the Gg and the Burvixese traded much valuable information until the Gg came under attack by an invading race who you may know as the Kohr-Ah. The Gg warned the Burvixese that the Kohr-Ah located races by their HyperWave transmissions and that they had already discovered the radiations from the Druuge. When the Burvixese were kind enough to warn the Druuge that a hostile alien race was homing in on their HyperWave's radiations, the Druuge shut down all their transmitters and erected a powerful HyperWave beacon on the surface of the Burvixese moon. The Kohr-Ah changed course, attacked the poor Burvixese and sadly, destroyed them all."
The original doctrinal conflict began near ~20000 years ago and only restarted because the two Ur-Quan sub-species met up again. Also, the Kohr-Ah were in the process of attacking the Utwig when they re-encountered the Kzer-Za and recommenced the doctrinal conflict in this region of the galaxy. --Fyzixfighter 02:03, 7 Dec 2005 (CET)

Value of Trader wreck[edit]

The value of a Melnorme Trade wreck is stated as 450 RU. I'm wondering how you can know this given that it appears to be impossible to enter conflict with and therefore destroy and salvage them. Is there something I missed in the game?

The first time you meet them you can attack them without talking to them first, or piss them off by saying "`Trade' is for the weak. We TAKE what we want!". — SvdB 15:36, 10 August 2006 (CEST)

Name origins[edit]

The name "Druuge" is pronounced almost exactly like an ancient Persian word "druj" - a term of the Zoroastrian religion that literally translates as "lies" and describes one of evil demons ("daevas"). Can there be any possible relation?

The Druuge image matches the description of these daevas. Imho there is enough similarity for it to be mentioned here as a "maybe". — SvdB 06:14, 15 March 2007 (CET)

Membership: Neutral[edit]

I think the Crimson Corporation should NOT be listed as the Druuge Membership; it is their government, not an interplanetary league like the Alliance or Hierarchy. Currently, it is like saying that the United States is a member of the Government of the United States. I think the Druuge Membership should be listed as Neutral, because they are neither Hierarchy nor do they join the Alliance — and they are basically at war with Earth after the Captain steals the Precursor Bomb. Additionally, the Slylandro and Melnorme are basically neutral too; the former going so far as having warm relations with the Ur-Quan! So i think we could hav a Neutral page that lists the Druuge, Slylandro, and Melnorme. — Donutcity (talk) 05:54, 1 July 2015 (CEST)