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An interesting theory about the Utwig. Still though, didn't it say somewhere that the only member of the milieu to live in our quadrant were the Taalo? -Fadookie 15:47, 16 Oct 2004 (CEST)

A load of crap

"A few theorists contend"... only one so far. Just because one person has one far-off theory, that doesn't make it worth a mention in an encyclopedia article. I'm waiting for someone to claim the Mycon have descended from the Spathi, because the Spathi call their home star "Yuffo". Or that the Vux are actually "fingers" of another Orz-like creature, because there's a VUX captain called ORZ.

Only one? Really? ISTR I've heard this more than once. It's one of those things where the fact that this is a game written by two people rather than an actual collection of data from real life means that a lot fewer things may be coincidences. The thing that makes me think there's an intentional link here is the explicit weirdness and vagueness of the Utwig's description of the "veils of Fahz" or "sky-canopies" floating in the atmosphere. It's *at least* as compelling as the theory that "Mael-Num" and "Melnorme" are the same (especially given that that one was finally independently confirmed by the creators long after it'd become fanlore.)

More fact, less theory

There are all kinds of things that we can guess about and make vague connections to possibly support. Not all of them are worthy on inclusion to an ecyclopedic source. Everything that goes in here should be widely accepted and pretty well documented. Equating Faz to Fahz seems like a bit of a stretch.

On the other hand, the Jugger's shields are impenetrable and red... Did they perhaps borrow this technology from somewhere?

Humanity was shielded for 20 years. That must have sucked; can you imagine? And the Ur-Quan destroyed every historical site on the surface (and a few even deeper). What might they have done to the first race they defeated? 20,000 years can do a lot to a species.

Still, stronger notes that this unsubstantiated would be in order.

Mmrnmhrm 15:40, 18 Oct 2004 (CEST)