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The idea that the planet was physically destroyed, Death-Star-style, is not "likely" at all. The Ur-Quan have never evinced this level of power, nor would that kind of overkill be necessary -- there's nothing about the physical existence of a planet that says that a particular kind of species must evolve there. After all the Dnyarri were killed or changed into Talking Pets, there's no reason to think Glilandy wasn't left as a lifeworld or, at *most*, scorched away into a deadworld. But the idea that the Ur-Quan have the power or the propensity to actually blow up planets is silly.

Also, much of this info belongs in the Dnyarri entry, not the Glilandy entry.

...No power to wipe out the planet, huh? Death-Star-style, huh? ...Ever heard of the Sa-Matra?...