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Actually, why do we have one for this and not Jud the Vug or the Killmasters? It's a one-note gag, no different from any other -- though I think that someone else created this under the false assumption that the Grand Master Planet Eaters are equivalent to the Ultimate Evil, which they aren't.

I think it's a good idea to have an page for any topic that someone may want to look up. That page could redirect immediately to a page describing multiple subjects though. So I think also Jud and the Killmasters should have an entry. Whether to make a separate page (perhaps with a category "Umgah pranks") or a page describing all Umgah pranks (as a sub-section of the Umgah page perhaps) is rather arbitrary to me. -- SvdB 10:45, 7 Jan 2005 (CET)
There needs to be some sort of concerted effort to make the main race pages, many of which are looking pretty skeletal, as comprehensive as possible, since that's the natural place to look for the big infodumps. There's a ton of stub articles about totally random things that could usefully be merged.