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Ilwrath prisoner[edit]

Hayes' statement is that he still has "nightmares about one of the Spiders -- an Ilwrath -- taking me prisoner -- using me in one of their sick sacrifices to Dogar and Kazon their twin gods of destruction and torment." I don't know if that necessarily means he was actually a prisoner of the Ilwrath. He can have nightmares about something without having gone through it, especially when part of the nightmare is being used as a sacrifice. We know that part didn't happen. IMO, it also doesn't match with what Hayes says about where he was and where the Ilwrath were during the war. Hayes was on the Coreward Front while the bulk of the Ilwrath fleet was thrown against the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm fleets (though Hayes does seem to imply that Ilwrath Avengers and Earth Cruisers had met before, the latter being in "poor tactical positioning"). Anyways, this is just to give my reasons for agreeing with the removal (Shiver beat me to it) of the recently added statements as I think it's a bit too much into a single statement about nightmares. --Fyzixfighter (talk) 03:40, 10 December 2017 (CET)