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I don't think it's particularly necessary to mention the composer of the HyperSpace theme song and not the composers of the background music for TrueSpace, QuasiSpace, the Starbase and all the alien races. If we are going to mention it, we should mention that the *reason* is that HyperSpace is a more famous and more commonly used and remixed song than the others, or the reference doesn't make sense..

It used to be part of the article, but somebody moved it into brackets at the bottom for reasons unknown... -Fadookie 05:22, 23 Nov 2004 (CET)
I created a page about all the music (Star Control Music), and linked from here with a "See also". It might be nice to do that for all races, etc. -- SvdB 19:01, 23 Nov 2004 (CET)
Is even that necessary? It seems to me it'd be better to just do a front-page link for the music page and link to that once, rather than cluttering every page with links to the music when it should be clear from looking at the music page what things have music for them. Someone looking for info on the music would probably just go to music rather than, say, going to the page for Arilou La'leelay to find info on who wrote the Arilou La'leelay theme. In general I'm in favor of doing more to separate the aspects of Star Control 2 the game (details about the programmers, the music, the gameplay, etc.) and Star Control 2 the story. I've been trying to consistently put information from beyond the fourth wall in brackets.