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"Your personal theories" don't belong on a general wiki page. If you can restate them based on canon evidence so that they're appropriate for a definitive encyclopedia entry please do.

This topic by its very nature is speculative. I tried to edit the opening and closing paragraphs to be as neutral as possible as to which interpretation is the correct one. Additional theories, supported by canon as always, can easily be entered as additional paragraphs with this format. I also added in a paragraph with my own ideas. I hope it helps and encourages others to organize and present their thoughts on this topic. Fyzixfighter 09:29, 5 Aug 2005 (CEST)

I've been going back and forth on this for awhile now. While it is fun to toss back and forth personal theories, this is not really the forum for that. I still believe that this is a speculative topic, but instead of putting up my own and others' speculations, I thought that it would be better to include all the Mycon ramblings about Juffo-Wup and to organize them by some logical fashion so that people can decide for themselves. The break down of the headings might need some more work (do we need a heading for the main article); if we do want to include personal theories and fan speculation, we could add another section after all of the quotes. I'm still debating whether this is even the right course, but this was the best way that I could think of at the moment to present all the information that we have on Juffo-Wup. Thoughts?? Fyzixfighter 09:36, 26 Oct 2005 (CEST)

I don't think personal theories and fan speculation belong in the main article. Fans who want to make theories should probably do it here in the talk page. If enough people support a certain theory (which makes the theory more notable), it can either be mentioned in the main article or provided as an external link at the end in an "External links" section per Wikipedia articles. I think a good rule of thumb is that if you can't provide an external link to an article or discussion about the theories, it should not be presented in the main article in any shape or form. --Phoenix (t) 17:03, 26 Oct 2005 (CEST)
A list of quotes works imho. — SvdB 18:41, 30 Oct 2005 (CET)

What if the Mycon were designed as planetary mining tools? since all they seem to do is destroy planetary surfaces, perhaps they were created to prepare worlds rich in surface mineral resources (as presented in star-control, shattered worlds have lots of resources), such minerals may then be harvested by their "creators" once they returned...

J.O. (unregistered)

From TFB themselves:

The Mycon were biological tools of the Precursors. They had been programmed for terraforming, but when the Precursors vanished, the Mycons were left unattended. Over the following millenia, their programs drifted, forming the worship of Juffo-Wup.

SvdB 00:51, 24 January 2006 (CET)

Quote punctuation

Even if the original quotes do not have the correct punctuation (grammatically-correct as well as like in the sound files), this does not mean that the correct punctuation shouldn't be added when referencing the quote.
In the game, commas, dashes and semicolons are often replaced by new lines (like in poems, sometimes), and, as such, are no longer necessary, but, just like scaling is included in UQM (and that Chmmr dialogue fix addressing the Chmmr speaking a "no" in post-Process voice, even if they were pre-Process), proper punctuation should be used in Ultronomicon quotations.

Just my 2 bani. Valaggar 14:29, 23 May 2007 (CEST)