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Any Precursor item would be considered valuable. I think it would be safe to say, based on the starbase reports on these items, that the Glowing Rod and Wimbli's Trident are not of Precursor origin.

SUBJECT: Wimbli's Trident Device.
DATA: I presume this device is named `Wimbli's Trident'
because of the name, `Wimbli', crudely etched into its base.
SUMMARY: To be honest, Captain, I believe that the Druuge robbed you blind.

SUBJECT: Glowing Rod Device.
DATA: We had high hopes for this device, Captain, because of the constant, pulsing aura it generated.
However, I am afraid after investigating the object, and locating its concealed batteries slot we had to conclude that this was nothing more than a well-crafted toy.
SUMMARY: In the future, Captain, I would be very careful of what I bought from the Druuge.

Also, the Chenjesu aren't created by the Precursors. From the SC2 manual:

The Chenjesu are the oldest, most technologically advanced species in the Alliance, and while all mem-bers in the Alliance are officially equal, the Chenjesu are a bit more equal. Since this species evolved as a photo/chemovore (it derives its nourishment from light and ambient minerals) with no natural predators, the Chenjesu are entirely non-aggressive, preferring calm philosophical discourse above all other activities.

SvdB 05:28, 24 January 2006 (CET)

Agreed on the Trident and the Glowing Rod. We should also remove the precursor origin comments from their own pages, as long as I'm not overlooking something from the canon that warrants those statements. I'm guessing that they were attributed to the precursors by association with the Rosy Sphere. They are mentioned specifically (by the Druuge, Melnorme, and resource guide) in the junk that the Utwig gave the Druuge, but never are they attributed to the Precursors. At most they are called "historical oddments and genuine artifacts" or "ancient and useless artifacts" but not actual Precursor relics.
As for the Chenjesu, I put them there based on two comments:
"We believe it to be of late Precursor origin though it somewhat resembles certain Chenjesu technology." - Analysis of Precursor Bomb
"Adaptation and evolution require the ability to change in response to the environment. The Taalo and Chenjesu must either be the product of a previous culture, or they must be mostly software with some kind of field maniulation ability." - TFB chat protocols
While the manual does talk about the Chenjesu evolving, it says something similar about the Mycon:
The Mycons are neither plant nor animal, having evolved from something more closely resembling an ambulatory fungus.
which contradicts the Precursor origins mentioned by TFB and the Umgah comments. Since Wimbli's Trident and the Glowing Rod are most likely out, we could remove the "suspected relics" heading entirely and compromise with a small comment about the Chenjesu if my arguments above are sufficient to warrant it. I admit that this is bordering on (or perhaps completely within the realm of) fan fiction/original research but the analysis comment has intrigued me since I first played the game and I'd like to include it somewhere. --Fyzixfighter 06:55, 24 January 2006 (CET)
The Chenjesu technology comment was in reference to the Utwig Bomb and not the Amplified Precursor Bomb? I can see how it makes sense either way though... this can be taken as a hint of the Chmmr's future involvement with the bomb. The evidence here is too weak to suggest that the Chenjesu were created by the Precursors in my opinion. If anything, I would think that it implies a coincidental similarity.
I'm going to trust Occam's Razor in this case and assume that the Chenjesu evolved without the interference of the Precursors. Still, it's a valid hypothesis, but I'm unsure if it belongs on the Ultronomicon.-Fadookie 09:42, 24 January 2006 (CET)
Yeah, the comment was in the Utwig Bomb report (analysis of recent acquisitions). I had suspected that was why they had thrown that comment in there, to make you go look for the Chenjesu. I could try and tone it down some more, shortening the speculation and moving a lot of it down to the Notes and references section. Let me think a bit on how to do it. --Fyzixfighter 23:49, 24 January 2006 (CET)