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Any Precursor item would be considered valuable. I think it would be safe to say, based on the starbase reports on these items, that the Glowing Rod and ]]Wimbli's Trident]] are not of Precursor origin.

SUBJECT: Wimbli's Trident Device.
DATA: I presume this device is named `Wimbli's Trident'
because of the name, `Wimbli', crudely etched into its base.
SUMMARY: To be honest, Captain, I believe that the Druuge robbed you blind.

SUBJECT: Glowing Rod Device.
DATA: We had high hopes for this device, Captain, because of the constant, pulsing aura it generated.
However, I am afraid after investigating the object, and locating its concealed batteries slot we had to conclude that this was nothing more than a well-crafted toy.
SUMMARY: In the future, Captain, I would be very careful of what I bought from the Druuge.

Also, the Chenjesu aren't created by the Precursors. From the SC2 manual:

The Chenjesu are the oldest, most technologically advanced species in the Alliance, and while all mem-bers in the Alliance are officially equal, the Chenjesu are a bit more equal. Since this species evolved as a photo/chemovore (it derives its nourishment from light and ambient minerals) with no natural predators, the Chenjesu are entirely non-aggressive, preferring calm philosophical discourse above all other activities.

SvdB 05:28, 24 January 2006 (CET)