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I'm a little nervous about having a separate page for each individual mod. IMO opinion it would be better to move them all here to a single page like Fan-made UQM mods, similar to the Translations and Star Control derivatives. In fact, this might go better as a sub-heading in the SC derivatives page. Granted TimeWarp has it's own page, but that might be an exception considering its size, history and involvement by well-knowns in the fan community. Also what's the criteria for including a mod? My worry is that this pattern of each mod having it's own page might get to far afield of the intended purpose of Ultronomicon, to document the SC universe as created by TFB. Don't get me wrong - we already have a pattern for fan-made stuff being mentioned so I'm alright with that; I just fear the can of worms and article sprawl that this could turn into. So, any objections to condensing the mod pages into a section of Star Control derivatives? Or would the consensus be to organize them into a single page? --Fyzixfighter 21:16, 15 April 2007 (CEST)

It may be a good idea to merge the mod articles; however, we're going to get into a greater detail with Elvish's mod, and this will take a disproportionately huge section of the page; note also that there may appear other mods too, further enlarging the page.
As long as Mods are grouped in their own category, and as long as they aren't an impediment to the easy reading&searching of the Ultronomicon (which they would be, merged with the derivatives), it's OK in my opinion. Valaggar 14:15, 16 April 2007 (CEST)
I think I can come around to the idea of each mod having a page. In that case, my main problem then would be two-fold: 1) criteria for which mods to include, 2) established pattern for the article structure. Right now, the EP-Mod page looks almost like an advert, something I think we should avoid. What other information are you planning on adding to that mod's page? --Fyzixfighter 18:51, 16 April 2007 (CEST)
Mods to include - everything, since they're so few. When they get more, we'll come up with some criteria, if needed.
Established pattern - it's the EP-Mod article pattern, but I couldn't use it for Kohr-Ah Death's mods since they change so little that the title "Gameplay changes" would be bigger than the content.
EP-Mod article looking like an ad - exactly what makes it ad-ish? The introduction?
Information to be added - detailed History (exact changes in each version) and detailed ship changes + bugs. That's it. (Also, nobody calls that mod EP-Mod except me, so I'm not sure if we should keep the redirect page, but I guess that it's not an important matter, and that it's better to have more redirects than less - redirects are always something that the Ultronomicon has lacked, though I'm trying to fix the problem). Valaggar 19:25, 16 April 2007 (CEST)
I'm still not comfortable with not defining a criteria now, but I'll just cringe it a little bit longer - hopefully the can of worms doesn't get too out of control. And yes, the intro is the part that seems a bit ad-ish - I'll probably take some trimmers to it in a second. I like the pattern on the EP-Mod page except for the history. In my view, the history isn't as important/interesting as what the mod does, ie the changes to the game itself. If the history information is significant, I'd rather just have a link to the current version, hiding the rest of the history in a subpage like [[EP-Mod/release history]] linked to from the main article. Again, this keeps the focus on the important subject matter, the modifications.
And on a side note, thank you for creating redirects, but you seem to be making a rookie mistake that I too made. That is that you can't create a redirect to a section of an article, eg The Process only redirects to Chenjesu and not Chenjesu#The Process. It's a bug of MediaWiki, which in some ways explains why some redirects don't exist, opting instead to use the pipe notation to create the correct wikilinks in articles to subsections, eg The Process ([[Chenjesu#The Process|The Process]]). But don't worry, we've all learned this one the hard way. Just FYI, another related bug (which I think is still around) is not being able to redirect to categories - but I don't think you've tried that one yet. Cheers. --Fyzixfighter 04:58, 17 April 2007 (CEST)