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(mailed this too, but here we go:)

Hi there,

I've d/l the game, and while I first thought: this is crappy stuff from the wannabe-retro 80'ies games...well...despite being primitive and all that, after a while it becomes strangely addictive.

I want to report a possible bug: when I once went to eta illuminate planet V, well, you have like two green planets. When I moved from the second green planet towards the outside green planet, you can't go directly to it. I mean, I turned my spaceship to the left, but when I start my engine, you only come back to the first one (the one you departed). It's like a loop of some kind.

When I turned my spaceship in an angle and didn't go straight to the other green planet, it didn't happen, and I could additionally move it towards the outer green planet without probs.

Now, I don't know anything of coding in c, but I was wondering if it's possible to create animations/sounds of, say, a new species, and you can add that to it? Should it be in a special format?

PS.try to get a slashdot-article on it, it will no doubt boost your visibility and perhaps provide you with additional devls.