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Who said that the Mmrnmhrm know their purpose?! I mean, if the Mother Ark had a bug, perhaps their memory had bugs too... Plus, that would mean that the Chmmr know the Mmrnmhrm purpose, though they don't seem to act likewise. 15:00, 19 March 2007 (CET)

From the SC2 manual:
"These non-hostile mechanical beings were assembled for some kind of mission by a distant alien race. When born/built, each Mmrnmhrm awakens filled with knowledge and purpose, though to date the Mmrnmhrm have not revealed the exact nature of their long-term mission."
And who knows if the Chmmr are acting according to the unknown purpose. The mmrnmhrm agreed to the Process to avoid extinction, <fan speculation>probably because their mission wasn't complete. In fact, I would say that the actions of the Chmmr are totally in line with the mmrnmhrm's previous actions of trying to prevent the urquan from taking over since it likely interferes with the mission.</speculation> It is a mystery though, and thank you for adding it to the Mysteries page. --Fyzixfighter 16:09, 19 March 2007 (CET)
  1. Just because something is second in a poll with limited options doesn't mean it is the second most popular theory.
  2. A poll with only 7 replies spread over the cases is useless.
  3. Speculation about something which people don't care about doesn't belong in the Ultronomicon (such as from what direction the Mmrnmhrm came.
  4. The "many theories" that have been proposed have been proposed just by yourself. This is not enough to warrant mention in the Ultronomicon. In my experience with past discussions over the years, the only two serious contenders are "Precursors" and "something else". And as there's no evidence to support either case, I'm not sure even mentioning this in the Ultronomicon is warranted.

SvdB 18:12, 22 March 2007 (CET)