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I was wondering at the possibility of the Mycon being named after Miconia calvescens, a plant which has been invading and terraforming large chunks of Hawaii for the greater part of the 20th century and up through the present. I have no solid evidence to suggest that this is the case...the names're just pronounced almost the same (well, the first two syllables), and there are intriguing similarities between the two.

Highly unlikely, since there's a much more plausible origin of "Mycon" from the Greek for "fungus", which is a very commonly used stem (see "mycology"). Given how often we're reminded that the Mycon are fungoids, I find it hard to believe "Mycon" could come from any other source. As for Miconia calvescens, I hadn't heard of it before this -- the idea of a killer weed is hardly unique, and I very much doubt TFB were aware of this particular one.