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Could someone make a page that would tell me what button to get onto a planet?
This wiki really needs a list of controls.
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If I understand your question correctly, there is no specific "button" you press to land on a planet. You choose "SCAN" from the list and then "DISPATCH" (which is auto-selected after you do an AutoScan).  Since the controls can be changed through the ''keys.cfg'' file, writing out specific controls would be difficult, but if we specify that we are refering only to the default settings, this is how it works:
*the '''LEFT''' or '''UP''' arrow keys will move up in menu selection.
*the '''RIGHT''' or '''DOWN''' arrow keys will move down in menu selection.
*the '''RIGHT CTRL''' or '''ENTER''' keys will choose the currently highlighted menu selection.
*the '''RIGHT SHIFT''' or '''SPACE''' keys will back out of the current menu to the previous one.
These are the only buttons you will need to play the entire game (other than the '''ESC''' key, for emergency warp escape in combat, and + (PLUS) and - (MINUS) on the '''number pad only''' which are useful for zooming in and out on the STARMAP).  There are other buttons that can be used in battle to fire your primary and secondary weapons, like '''[''' and ''']''', but the above controls will do this as well, whereas '''[''' and ''']''' do not control the menu navigation.
Perhaps these controls can be expanded (there are some more) and posted somewhere in the wiki.  (''One last thing:'' The ''keys.cfg'' file is a simple text file, so you can read about the game controls there.)
--[[User:PsiPhi|PsiPhi]] 19:44, 6 Jul 2005 (CEST)
Also note you can't land on slave-shielded planets or gas-giants. -- 21:11, 6 Jul 2005 (CEST)

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