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Delete these. They have almost no relevance to the game at all, especially since the SC2 map clearly states that the HyperSpace names for constellations were randomly assigned and the star given the HyperSpace name "Procyon" has no relationship to the star that TrueSpace astronomers (i.e. *real* astronomers) call "Procyon".

"Constellations" in HyperSpace and TrueSpace (real-life) constellations aren't even the same concept. Real-life constellation are stars that look like they're close together in the night sky -- HyperSpace constellations in SC2 are groups of stars that are actually near each other. And the layout, the nature of the stars in each constellation, and, hell, even the *number* of stars in each constellation are all mismatched with what the real constellations are.

It would be *more* relevant to do something like go through all the Earthling Captain names and say what they're a reference to than to do something like this, since it's almost certain the game designers didn't even know or care about the real constellations much when assigning names -- for the game's purposes all you have to know is that these are based on the names of real constellations.