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"this is probably one of the primary limiting factors leading to the relatively small size of the standard Arilou Skiff.", where does this come from? Why is this probable? There can be a million other reasons. "This may be" sounds better to me. SvdB 16:18, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)

If you're going to use the stupid neutral names, at least use them intelligently; "The Captain" is a description, not a name. It's "the human Captain", not "human captain The Captain". Also, it's spelled "Vessel", not "Vessal". And "The Precursor Vessel" is a stupid term anyway (the Sa-Matra and Mark II are both Precursor vessels); the best neutral term is probably Mark I, though Mark I is a term that follows something (i.e. Vindicator Mark I).