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"without even requiring the customary trade in slaves."... afaik the Druuge trade in pretty much everything, and there's nothing particularly customary about their requiring trade in slaves. -- SvdB 16:42, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)

No. The Druuge specifically prefer trade in slaves, just as the Melnorme specifically prefer trade in information. The Druuge will not accept trade of, say, mineral resources, or most artifacts. When you *tell* them you refuse to trade in slaves, they tell you they have a specific short list of artifacts they really, really want that they'll trade for.
Hmm... you are right. "All that we ask in return is that you assign some of your crew to serving here at our trade world on a permanent basis." -- SvdB

The Druuge did not get the Rosy Sphere from the Utwig. I quote the Druuge on Zeta Hyades 6b where they're trying to get the Utwig Bomb: "Inside we found a hodge-podge of useless artifacts, a Glowing Rod an absurd trident and more such useless junk." As you can see: no mention of the Rosy Sphere

At best the Druuge don't confirm that they got the Sphere from the Utwig. But quoting the SC2 role playing resource guide, pg 26:
"The Utwig fell for the Druuge’s foul ruse, and snapped up the artifacts. But instead of giving the Druuge their desired price, the Utwig traded a collection of `historical oddments and genuine artifacts’, which to this day the Druuge are trying to unload on unwary buyers. Specifically, these include Wimbli’s Trident and the Glowing Rod which are worthless, as well as the Rosy Sphere which is useful."
While I think there might be a little wiggle room for interpretation, imho this states that indeed the Druuge did get the Rosy Sphere from the Utwig. --Fyzixfighter 17:31, 7 June 2006 (CEST)