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Is there any base to the claim that Shofixti have a short life span? Also, you assume the reason ZEX was willing to trade the maidens was because he found the humans to be more interesting. It may very well be that what ZEX said was truthful, and that he wanted the beast, and that acquiring a human was an afterthought. Or it may be that he never intended to give the maidens in the first place. And the male Shofixti does not have to be Tanaka. It could be Katana. -- SvdB 17:01, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)

Whether the male Shofixti is Tanaka or Katana, there is only one. Katana coming to replace Tanaka is an in-game event that only occurs if you kill Tanaka, and if you don't kill Tanaka Katana never appears. If we're going to accomodate every possible thing that can happen in the game writing about in-game events will be impossible (it's possible that the Captain never saved the Shofixti at all, for instance).
To me it was fairly obvious that ZEX's intentions were to find a way to get a human from the beginning (he hints about it from the very beginning). But whatever.
Indeed, it's possible that the Captain never saved the Shofixti. Unless there's a TFB SC3 at some point, we don't know what story line is true. Therefor I'd rather say "The captain has the option to..." etc.
As for ZEX' intentions. He does say that he thinks humans are beautiful, and that he collects beautiful things, but when you leave without proposing to get the beast, he just lets you go. I'd expect him to attack you then if you were his goal all along, but he doesn't. At any rate, there's enough doubt not to specify it as a fact. -- SvdB