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I spent 17 canadian dollars (time and printing trial-and-error) on slicing the map so it could be printed from an internet cafe and still be readable. This is more than I would have spent on the game, but in each instant I thought it with work with the next print... and the next... and the next...

I failed to acheive that goal due to restrictions on what I could install on the internet cafe computer, and I have abandoned UQM altogether until a reasonnably usable map - preferably spoiler free this time!! - becomes available.

I'm fully aware of the patch to find stars by name, but I couldn't get the game to compile with it in the last few days so I'll wait for UQM version 0.5 to see if it's in.

I'm rather irate at the fact the manual and the official web page mentionned in the manual doesn't say anything about the missing starmap situation at all. If it has to do with the trademarked words "star control II" at the bottom of the map, please say so and think about providing something helpful!

Have you checked The Pages of Now & Forever? Check their files section and then under Star Control 2. They've got a some links to a couple different forms of the original starmap - so it's spoiler-free. Fyzixfighter 23:16, 2 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Actually, these aren't spoilers, but likely the information from the first Ur-Quan war. The spheres of influence are heavily outdated, with races from Star Control 1 (e.g. the Androsynth) -Arael

So you're very frustrated with the time you lost by not having a starmap. We get it. 0.5 will be better. However, the FAQ is not the place to rant about it. I've kept the question and answer, but removed the rant. -- SvdB 01:02, 3 Aug 2005 (CEST)