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You're a good story teller, but this is supposed to be an encyclopedic entry; you shouldn't fill up the holes with your own assumptions. "speculation exists that the Umgah gengineers' work enhanced the creature's psychic range and sensitivity far beyond that of its Dnyarri ancestors". I've never heard anyone speculate that before now. A bit weak to be included imho, but at least you're not presenting it as a fact. "allowing it to implant and maintain post-hypnotic suggestions". What makes you conclude that the Talking pet uses post-hypnotic suggestions? "the Dnyarri's powerful instinct of self-preservation gave it enough strength to protect itself even with the Shield active". Again, totally out of thin air. All we know is that it escaped, if we can trust the ending sequence. Not how. It might have help from a crew mate feeling sorry, or it may have just hopped aboard the escape pod while noone was looking. "Zelnick's own sense of self-preservation and deep loathing of the idea of psychic compulsion kept the neo-Dnyarri from gaining enough control over him". Where did that come from? "all the while in the back of his mind seeking a way to betray and destroy it before it could escape and conquer the galaxy". First of all, the captain never agreed to anything. Second, you do not know whether finding a way to betray and destroy it was in the back of his mind all the time. It may have been an afterthought. Or he may have decided on it early on and never gave it another thought until it was time. "even through the Taalo Shield's influence". It seems to me that the Taalo shield affected the physic susceptibility of people, not the psychic powers of the Dnyarri itself. And besides, the Shield may have been turned off for a while while the Dnyarri did its thing (possibly set on a timer that would automatically reenable it). "Luckily, Zelnick's cleverness and willpower allowed him to confuse his own conscious intentions about the plans for this battle even to himself. Shrouding himself in a cloud of fear, anxiety, and other emotions, he was able to "accidentally forget" to enact any plans to bring the neo-Dnyarri with him on the escape pod before the Vindicator exploded, a fact which the neo-Dnayarri, sneering at Zelnick's scatterbrained anxiety, only realized just before its death.". Again total speculation. "the New Alliance forces remain watchful". Based on? Also, the player can choose the captain's name. It doesn't have to be Zelnick. -- SvdB 23:58, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)