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I have tried to put in only the dates that are historically important, not those that made the historical event possible. So no "Technique of cloning perfected", but only "First Androsynth created".

If the list grows large it may be useful to give the dates of specific types of events a different colour. Like all events directly relating to humanity. - Svdb 06:19, 3 Sep 2004 (CEST)

Plans to attack Earth?

I must have missed something - I didn't notice in anything specific I've read that the Ur-Quan made plans to attack Earth, or at least Earth in particular. I was under the impression that they more or less just swept into the quadrant and subjugated every race they encountered.

From the SC2 manual:
"As early as 1940, the Ur-Quan began to formulate sinister schemes to attack Earth. Other aliens, meanwhile, benign species that wished only peace, lay plans to warn Earthlings of the Ur-Quan threat."
The Ur-Quan enslave every race they encounter, but they don't always have an easy time doing so. They do need to use some strategy.
— SvdB 15:18, 19 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Is Category:Game mechanics really the right category for this? In my mind I don't see this as either hints or description of the internal workings of the game like the other entries in this category. Perhaps a better and more useful category would be "Historical Background" or "History" or something similar, where we could include entries of important historical events and the category "background characters." Thoughts? --Fyzixfighter 21:56, 11 Nov 2005 (CET)