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Actually the reason the VUX hate humans is because upon the first meeting between the two races, the human captain(forgot his name) made a remark about how UGLY he thought the VUX was, and his crew laughed. The VUX, being obsessive metrosexuals, took enough offense to this to hate all humans forever. All you have to do to figure this out is encounter a VUX intruder, converse, and keep asking them why they hate humans. I don't know why you didn't figure this out.

You're mixing some things up. You start out with the "knowledge" that the insult is the reason the VUX hate humans. The Starbase Commander tells you, and so does the game manual. After you keep apologising the VUX finally reveal the truth:
AIEEE! Human! You have hounded and hounded and hounded us with your pitiful apologies! It's driving us crazy! STOP! Please STOP! We give up. We accept! We accept! We will no longer hold Rand's insult against your species. You are forgiven for all eternity, just stop apologizing! But now you have forced us to reveal our REAL reason for hating you humans an embarrassing reason with no acceptable justification, but nonetheless undeniable! Human! You are SOOO ugly, SOOO hideous to us that we will NEVER be able to find peace with your species! Whenever we see your kind, we just want to kick you!... stomp on you!... squish you!... ...vaporize your ugly faces from the entire universe! We know its unreasonable! We know that you had no choice about how you look! We know that it is cruel fate that the Creator made you appear like putrid excretion but WE JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT!

Must add data from SC1 manual... the article. I provide the data here for convenience:


The process of synthetic reconstruction of the VUX produced evidence of a plodding, homely race whose dedication to duty is matched only by its temperamental outlook. The VUX is a bipedal assemblage of an octopus and a slug, and has inherited the least appealing features of both. With its single, unblinking eye, the VUX is sensitive to wide-spectrum EMR, and well-adapted to the low-light environment of its home world. The VUX’s physical repulsiveness is matched by technological advances and enormous linguistic-perceptive powers. This language translation ability allowed one VUX ship to intercept the communications of one Cruiser’s commander, who had just sighted the VUX on his laser display. The Captain’s offhand remark about VUXian looks led to a severe Xenoform backlash. The offended VUX, nursing a sense of collective insult, soon attached itself to the Hierarchy. To this day, the VUX find pleasure in repaying the Earthling insult; their crews’ unblinking eyes glisten in unison at the sight of a sizzling Cruiser which has taken the force of a VUX laser full-bore. Nonetheless, SSRII’s resident Socioanthropsychs claim that the VUX’s hostility may not be


engraved in duralloy. They urge future overtures towards the VUX once the Alliance smashes the Hierarchy threat. Valaggar 21:17, 12 February 2008 (CET)