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Just a few things:

  • How is this going to differ from Ultronomicon:Game events? Or, what will this walkthrough do that that article doesn't? The structure of the game is very non-linear so a traditional walkthrough would be difficult. If this walkthrough is going to be significantly different, you should probably use the game events article as a guide for mentioning required/optional events and order of events (when it exists) since I believe Phoenix and Svdb hashed those out fairly well.
  • The standard that seems to have developed on this site for referring to planets/moons is "Zeta Centauri Ia", though I can't recall where or if we discussed this in depth. The star name followed by the roman numeral for the planet is typical of most of the in-game conversations. At the moment I can't find any in-game reference for the moon designation, but the lower case letters w/o hyphen designation is similar to that used in the Role Playing Resource Guide. I can't remember if there was a unique designation when in orbit of the moons in the PC version - none exists in UQM.
  • It might be better to move all the NOTES to a separate section of their own since they are applicable to more than just the situation where they appear and their current position tends to break the flow of the article.

Just some thoughts. Welcome aboard and good luck. --Fyzixfighter 21:10, 17 Dec 2005 (CET)